Kompai Robotics

Présentation succincte :

KOMPAÏ robotics est une entreprise qui fabrique des robots de service.
Référents dans la robotique de santé, notre robot phare, le KOMPAÏ possède une version spécifique à la R&D,
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KOMPAÏ robotics is a startup founded in 2016, which bought healthcare assets of ROBOSOFT, a supplier of advanced robotics solutions for transport (goods and people), cleaning, research, and health since 1985 and which stopped business early 2017.

KOMPAÏ Robotics’s main objective is to develop robotics solutions to help frail people and their caregivers, wherever they live. In addition to these healthcare products, we develop customized robotic solutions based on our « technological bricks » such as:

  • robuLAB-10 and KOMPAÏ mobile robotics platforms
  • Perception and localisation systems
  • Software modules for navigation, obstacle detection and avoidance, supervision …
  • Development tools for MMI based on web technologies
  • AI functions such a natural language or emotion recognition
  • Tools to connect to big data technologies if robots are needed to acquire large amounts of data

All these bricks are in permanent development to guarantee our customers state-of-the-art technologies.

The excellence of the KOMPAÏ solution has been recognized by its peers (KOMPAÏ robot was awarded in 2015: winner of the World Innovation Contest in the Silver Economy Category and of the “Argus de l’Innovation Mutualiste et Paritaire” Award (Social Responsibility category), and in 2016 winner of the New Technologies Award, in September 2016, Second Runner-up for the Swiss Re Resilience Award, Independent Living for Elderly) further validating our project and in November 2016 received “Seal of Excellence” certificate delivered by the European Commission following evaluation by an international panel of independent experts of the proposal KIARA (Kompaï-3: Industrialisation of A Robot Assistant) Submitted under the Horizon 2020’s SME instrument phase 2 call H2020-SMEInst-2016-2017 (H2020-SMEINST-2-2016-2017) of January 2017.


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